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Previous Acharyas

Jain Acharya Samrat Shri Atma Ram Ji Maharaj was the first head, leader and controller of Jain Shwetamber Sathanakvasi Shraman Sangh. He was nominated by the twenty two sampraday’s saints. He occupies a very important position in the hierarchy of Jain saints and was associated with institutions throughout India, working for the upliftment, welfare of the society and humanity.

After him the second Jain Acharya Samrat was Acharya Samrat Shri Anand Rishi Ji Maharaj. He was also a great saint and a great spiritual leader. He always believed that delight is our nature, peace and knowledge is within ourselves.

Jain Acharya Samrat Anand Rishi Ji Maharaj nominated Shri Devendra Muni Ji Maharaj as the next Jain Acharya Samrat. After the death of Jain Acharya Samrat Shri Anand Rishi Ji Maharaj he became the third Jain Acharya Samrat of Jain Shwetamber Sathanakvasi Shraman Sangh. His simplicity, humanity, set example of renunciation and devotion, deep knowledge of the Jain philosophies of human co-existence were highly praise–worthy and always made a deep impact on the masses.

Acharya Atma Ram Ji Maharaj
Acharya Anand Rishi Ji Maharaj Acharya Devendra Muni Ji Maharaj